LANDbytes: 08.17.11 Coming Soon…

By Robin Gyorgyfalvy, ASLA Oregon Public Awareness Advocate

It’s not your birthday or your anniversary or your due date. It’s something even better. It is the day to tell the world about landscape architecture and you. On 08.17.11 at noon, ASLA will launch its National Public Awareness Campaign that will have landscape architects all across the country doing some activity or event that will spotlight our work and how it has a positive and beneficial effect on neighborhoods, communities, and cities and is vital to restoring and keeping ecosystems healthy.

What is the Understory theme? This National Public Awareness Campaign uses the Understory theme as a way to connect landscape architects with outdoor spaces we design, ecosystems we restore, and visions we realize for communities. Often overlooked, the Understory connects the forest floor with the canopy and keeps the ecosystem together. Telling the story of the Understory is what this campaign is all about.

How can you join in? Plan an event big or small that showcases what landscape architects do. Display landscape architecture posters in a public space. Engage the community by describing how public spaces are shaped. Create a site design through a charrette. Propose a concept for a vacant lot on an easel at the site. Pass out flyers that describe landscape architecture. Wear your “ask me about landscape architecture” buttons and wear the landscape architecture t-shirts designed for the campaign. Download posters and flyers here and order t-shirts from

Contact Robin Gyorgyfalvy, Oregon’s Public Awareness Advocate at or call 541-383-4786.

Remember. It is Landscape Architecture. Your Environment. Designed.