Call for Nominations

It’s that time of year again!

ASLA Design Symposium Sub-committee meeting

Amazingly, since this time last year, the Earth has revolved once more around the sun, and Oregon ASLA is seeking nominees to serve on our Executive Committee. Elections will occur in July and the results will be announced in mid-August. ExCom members transition into their new roles after the elections and officially begin their term of office at the end of October, after the ASLA Annual Meeting & EXPO in Los Angeles.


Feeling the call to service? Got some ideas about how ASLA Oregon can improve? Feel free to nominate yourself, a colleague, an old classmate or mentor – anyone you think would be an advocate for landscape architecture on the state and national level. We’ve got a great team in place, and we’re excited about a great 2017-18. You may nominate folks (or yourself) for multiple positions.


ASLA Full, Fellow and Associate members can nominate individuals for the following open positions on our Executive Committee:


President-Elect: First year of a three-year commitment on the Executive Committee. One of the primary purposes of the office of president-elect is to provide the opportunity to become familiar with current chapter programs, budget and operations. The term of the president-elect is also used for planning and transition. Becomes President in the second year and Immediate Past President in the third year. Must be a Full Member of ASLA.


Trustee: Three-year term. The trustee represents Oregon ASLA at the national level by serving on the national Board of Trustees. The trustee may serve on a national task force, study group, or may be asked to represent the interests of national ASLA. The trustee shall attend the annual and mid-year meetings of the Board of Trustees. Must be a Full Member of ASLA.


Treasurer: Two-year term. The treasurer manages the inflow and outflow of money for the Chapter, maintains a record of accounts, and presents quarterly reports to the Executive Committee. Must be an Associate or a Full Member of ASLA.


Vice President of Member Services: Two-year term. The VP of Member Services leads our efforts to recruit and retain members and leads the Fellows and Honors Committee. The VP of Member Services oversees our annual Awards program and leads the committee that organizes the Annual Soiree in the fall. Must be a Full Member of ASLA.


Communications Chair: Two-year term. This person assists with the Chapter newswire, maintains and updates the website, posts to social media, and helps to inform members of events. Must be a Full Member of ASLA.


Emerging Professionals Chair: Two-year term. The EP Chair works to provide activities, events, and learning opportunities that are particularly useful to landscape architects early in their career. Must be an Associate Member of ASLA.


Student Liaison: Two-year term. The student liaison helps maintain communication with the ASLA Student Chapter at the University of Oregon and helps to facilitate student centered events such as Shadow Mentor Day. Also helps lead outreach to build awareness of the landscape architecture profession to youth and students. Must be an Associate or a Full Member of ASLA.


Willamette Valley Section Chair: Two-year term. This position represents our membership in the Willamette Valley region and plans educational and social events for members. Can be filled by one member as chair or two members as co-chairs. Must be an Associate or a Full Member of ASLA.


Crater Lake Section Chair: Two-year term. The Crater Lake Chair represents our membership in southeast Oregon and plans educational and social events for members. Can be filled by one member as chair or two members as co-chairs.
Must be an Associate or a Full Member of ASLA.


Interested in running for office but want to learn more about the job? Please contact Andreas Stavropoulos at

Don’t delay! Nominations open tomorrow, April 26, 2017 and close May, 26, 2017 at the stroke of midnight.