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July 6, 2015 Edit

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ASLA Oregon Fellows Announced

Please join the Oregon Chapter of ASLA in congratulating Michael Faha and Dr. Robert Ribe on receiving the honor of Fellow from the American Society of Landscape Architects. The American Society of Landscape Architects has elevated 37 members to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2015. The Oregon chapter submitted two nominations this year, and is proud that both of our very deserving nominees have been awarded with the highest honor ASLA bestows on members.

Mike Faha, of GreenWorks, received his nomination in Works. Faha is a pioneer, innovator, and educator. He is one of the nation's first landscape architects to demonstrate that ecological function can be achieved in concert with urbanism and aesthetic beauty, and he continues to influence the way we design and build. For 25 years his work has served to elevate the profession and to put landscape architects at project tables traditionally dominated by engineers, ecologists, planners, and architects. Internationally recognized, his projects transform cities, towns, and rural areas, and encompass daylighting streams, brownfield reclamation and stormwater control, from the scale of expansive urban watersheds and development sites to intimate rain gardens. His built projects in the Pacific Northwest have been toured by thousands of visitors who seek to understand the principles and practicalities of ecological design excellence.

Robert Ribe, of the University of Oregon, receive his nomination in Knowledge. Ribe is a leader in the practice of scenery management by landscape architects. At the University of Oregon, he teaches ecological planning studios and research methods to students in landscape architecture, planning, and environmental studies. From 1999 to 2010 he directed the Institute for Sustainable Environment (ISE), leading that interdisciplinary group to provide primary research and advise to governments in Oregon and Washington on issues of growth ecosystem preservation and agricultural and forest productivity. His research on the theory of forest landscapes has advanced that body of knowledge internationally. His work is methodologically rigorous and applicable to the real world. His collaborations have investigated public landscape perceptions extensively and built strong evidence that validates regional landscape plans and policies. He is also a prolific author.

The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be full members of ASLA in good standing for at least ten years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Executive Committee of their local chapter, the Executive Committee of ASLA, or the Executive Committee of the Council of Fellows.

More details available at the ASLA National Website.

March 30, 2015 Edit

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World Landscape Architecture Month

If you haven’t heard yet, April is not just Landscape Architecture Month (LAM) anymore; it’s WORLD Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM). In past years, the ASLA has celebrated LAM every April, sponsoring a series of events across the country. Eventually the ASLA realized that the United States was pretty much the only country to not celebrate landscape architecture with the rest of the world. Other countries were celebrating WLAM, and now we are, too.

To start off the celebration, each ASLA chapter chose another country to exchange ideas during the month and Oregon’s country is Denmark. To kick off the celebration, national ASLA describes our first activity:

“During WLAM, we are asking ASLA chapters and IFLA organizations to join in the celebration by participating in our “Designed by a Landscape Architect” campaign. People around the world will use the attached cards to take pictures of iconic or unique landscapes with the hashtag #WLAM2015 and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, please go to to submit the picture so ASLA can catalogue everything.”

To get your own business card sized WLAM card, just follow the link. Print it out and start sharing with the world all the great places that landscape architects have designed (be sure to include the hashtag listed above). You can give cards to friends and family as well, especially if they are travelling. Pictures don’t need to be taken just in Oregon; it’s anywhere a space has been designed by a landscape architect. It’s a fun and easy way to learn more about the world around us and expand our design community.



Students - you are part of this too! Start thinking of ways you can connect with other student groups in Denmark. Do you want a Skype Q & A session? Create You Tube channel and post a series of videos about Oregon landscape architecture? Let me know what you would like to do and I’ll try and coordinate with our IFLA partner.

P.S. Another fun event that is in the works; sketch walks in collaboration with International Sketchers. Get those pencils sharpened!

November 10, 2014 Edit

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High Desert Section: Fall 2014

via ASLA Oregon's High Desert Section

Thanks so much for having me as Oregon ASLA Executive Committee member and High Desert Section Chair these past two years. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone better and contributing to the 2013 Year of Public Service with a great deal of help and support from the High Desert landscape architects and from Rebecca. Attached is the High Desert Section September/October Report summarizing all of our successes and accomplishments and hope we can continue to support both national and Oregon programs with the new leadership that comes on board this November.

Thanks so much for all the hard work from you, Melinda, and all the Executive Committee members. And a BIG thank you to our High Desert members who really accomplished a great deal these past two years. Congratulations to all the new officers and to Dave Olsen for taking charge the next two years for the High Desert Chapter.

All the best,

Robin Lee Gyorgyfalvy, FASLA, PLA
Forest Scenic Byways Program Leader & Landscape Architect
Bend/Fort Rock Ranger District – Deschutes National Forest

December 19, 2013 Edit

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Redmond Design Charrettee

High Desert Section – Oregon Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects

A November charrette was held in central Oregon to help the City of Redmond, Oregon, the hub of Central Oregon, enhance the southern entry to the city at the major highway interchange located at Yew Avenue and US Highway 97.

The Redmond South US Highway 97 Gateway and Median Project is an effort to establish an entry feature on the south end of Redmond as one enters the city along the south end of US Highway 97. The project is a recommendation from the Redmond South US 97 Corridor Plan, which also recommended forming an advisory committee to help determine the location, character and scale of the gateway and what it might include in terms of signage, landscaping, and/or public art. The Redmond Development Commission (RDC) has been designated as the advisory group. In addition, one of the work tasks for the RDC’s 2013/14 Work Plan is to investigate the possibility of constructing an electronic reader board near the entrance to town to publicize the events that occur in downtown and other parts of town. The Gateway Feature project combines both of those efforts into one. The design charrette is the first step in the South US Highway 97 Gateway Project.

This interchange also connects the Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM), which is served by four major air carriers, to Central Oregon travelers and visitors. RDM is home to the US Forest Service Redmond Air Center, Cascade Aviation Management, Life Flight, Butler Aviation, Les Schwab, Bonneville Power, and Henderson Aviation.

The High Desert Section - Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), as part of the 2013 ASLA Year of Public Service, led the City of Redmond staff through a design charrette at Redmond City Hall to generate design ideas for this important entryway.

The design charrette was organized by Robin Gyorgyfalvy, Scenic Byways Program Leader for the Deschutes National Forest and Scott Woodford, Associate Planner for the City of Redmond. Participants included Scott and City of Redmond staff; Heather Richards, Director of Community Development, James Lewis, Planning Manager, and Mike Caccavano, City Engineer, and members of the Redmond Development Commission (RDC) Ed Fitch, Katie Hammer, and Alice Galloway. Leading the design charrette were Debbie Goodwin of Heart Springs Landscape Design and Nursery, David Olsen of Harper Houf Peterson Righellis, and Eileen Obermiller of Dappled Earth. This is the fourth in a series of community design charrettes led by the High Desert Section – Oregon Chapter, ASLA as part of a national campaign to create public awareness for landscape architects throughout Oregon communities.

Concepts—the group rolled up their sleeves and came up with two different concepts for the interchange and a few ideas for the median projects.

Concept 1:

Concept 2:

Median ideas for U.S. 97:

The High Desert Section of Oregon ASLA will be finalizing the gateway concepts and median ideas to give the City of Redmond and ODOT some powerful presentation tools. 

UPDATE: Read more about this project in the Redmond Spokesman news article that was published in December.

September 17, 2013 Edit

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2013 Design Awards Call for Entries


Download Call for Entries PDF

Sponsored By
Our friends at Columbia Cascade / Timberform

May 31, 2013 Edit

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May 2013 Newswire

MAY 2013




David Alumbaugh

The nature of space is fundamental to how we design, interpret and plan our living environments. This symposium seeks to address current trends, issues and research on transformative spaces, adaptive reuse, spatial planning in landscape ecology, urban interventions and evolving issues related to how we perceive and interact with the environment.

$25 ASLA Member
$45 Non-ASLA Member

No Registration Required
All are welcome and encouraged to attend!
6/15/13 SYMPOSIUM (BEFORE 5/1/13)
$145 ASLA Member
$100 Associate ASLA Member
$170 Non-ASLA Member
$60 Student
6/15/13 SYMPOSIUM (AFTER 5/1/13)
$170 ASLA Member
$125 Associate ASLA Member
$195 Non-ASLA Member
$65 Student

2013 The Nature of Space Symposium Homepage

Download Promotional Mailer PDF

Register Today!


06.07 | ASLA / OLCA Golf Tournament
06.14 | Street Seats Design Charrette and EP Happy Hour
06.15 | The Nature of Space Symposium


Urban Green PDH Series: Green Roofs 2.0
ASLA Emerging Professionals: THICKET Kickoff Design Charrette


06.01 | Garden Dialogues Portland 
06.05 | Portland Lights Trade Show
06.06 | Urban Forestry Conference
06.22 | 9th Annual Designers Garden Tour


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Code Red
By Rebecca Wahlstrom

Story Telling
By Rebecca Wahlstrom


Landscape Architect

HBB Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architect/Landscape Designer

HBB Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architect / Landscape Designer
Koch Landscape Architecture


April 2013 Newswire - In case you missed it!
OSLAB Spring 2013 Newsletter
Obama Releases 2014 Budget Request
Excom Meeting Minutes - April 2013
ASLA National Elections Open
Make a Connection with ASLA
APAEA Heritage Month and Winning Poster


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Rain Bird Corporation - ASLA Oregon Chapter's 2013 Platinum Sponsor - is a privately held company founded in 1933. Rain Bird is the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services. 

Area Representative: Christen Funk
Phone: 503.410.4489

April 20, 2013 Edit

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Obama Releases 2014 Budget Request

 via the ASLA LAND e-publication

President Obama recently released the 2014 budget request that contains several items that could affect landscape architects in a real way.  Check out the link below for more details.

Complete LAND Article

March 10, 2013 Edit

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Halprin's Portland Plazas Listed in N.R.H.P.

via Steven Koch, Koch Landscape Architecture

The innovative series of downtown Portland fountain plazas by world-renowned landscape architect Lawrence Halprin has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places, according to the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.

Known individually as Keller Fountain, Pettygrove Park, Lovejoy Fountain, and the Source Fountain, the public plazas are located between SW Clay and Lincoln streets and First and Fourth Avenues and are connected by a system of pedestrian walkways. They are collectively called the “Portland Open Space Sequence.”

“Portland is well-known for the 1970s and 1980s transformation of its downtown with great public spaces like Waterfront Park and Pioneer Courthouse Square,” said Randy Gragg, president of the Halprin Landscape Conservancy, the initiators of the nomination. “But it was Halprin’s fountain plazas of the 1960s that first made downtown safe for fun.”

A winner of the Presidential Medal of the Arts and other honors, Halprin and members of his firm, Lawrence Halprin and Associates, designed the plazas from 1963-1970 as the heart of the city’s first urban renewal district, known as the South Auditorium District. Their unprecedented sculptural wedding of public space, water, and references to the natural landscape turned the plazas into instant people magnets, luring investment and laying the groundwork for Portland’s unique urban renewal policies for decades to come, according to the nomination’s proponents.

“Nearly forty-three years after the late architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable declared that it ‘may be one of the most important urban spaces since the Renaissance’, this defining achievement in Halprin's extraordinary career has been deservedly recognized by inclusion in the National Register,” said Charles A. Birnbaum, president and founder of The Cultural Landscape Foundation in Washington, D.C

Halprin’s ideas about nature, movement and social interaction transformed the American urban landscape and influenced a generation of designers. Halprin designed important urban projects such as the Century 21 World’s Fair site in Seattle; Sproul Plaza at the University of California-Berkeley; Ghirardelli Square and Embarcadero Plaza in San Francisco; Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis; Heritage Park Plaza in Fort Worth, Texas; the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C.; and the Walter and Elise Haas Promenade in Jerusalem.

As these plazas approach 50 years of age, the Halprin Landscape Conservancy, nearby property owners and the City of Portland have initiated a public-private stewardship program that has already resulted in tree-thinning, new lighting, and repairs to the iconic shelter designed by Halprin associate Charles Moore at Lovejoy Fountain. This spring, the conservancy will launch a plan for additional restoration and ongoing enhanced maintenance.

The National Register is maintained by the National Park Service under the authority of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. More information about the National Register and recent Oregon listings is online at (click on “National Register” at left of page).

Other information:

National Register nomination link

Oral history of Halprin by The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Halprin Landscape Conservancy website link

January 21, 2013 Edit

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January Newswire



01.21 | Symposium Call for Sessions Due
02.01 | Shadow Mentor Day
02.21 | WVS Monthly Luncheon
06.14 | Annual Design Charrette and EP Happy Hour
06.15 | Annual Symposium


02.05 | Health Impact Assessment Workshop
02.06 | Rebuilding Communities Symposium (Eugene)
02.07 | Rebuilding Communities Symposium (Portland)

02.28 | UO A&AA Recruitment Fair
03.20 | Reverse Vendor Trade Show
03.21 | WVS Monthly Luncheon
04.18 | WVS Monthly Luncheon
05.16 | WVS Monthly Luncheon
05.25 | Kenneth Helphand Honored 


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ASLA and You
By Rebecca Wahlstrom


via Kurt Lango, Oregon ASLA Chapter President

The Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects is seeking presenters for its annual symposium on June 15th, 2013 in Portland, Oregon. 

The theme of the 2013 symposium is “The Nature of Space”. The nature of space is fundamental to how we design, interpret and plan living environments. This symposium seeks to address current trends, issues and research on transformative spaces, adaptive reuse, spatial planning in landscape ecology, urban interventions and evolving issues related to how we perceive and interact with the environment. 

The symposium includes three session timeslots, with two concurrent sessions during each timeslot for a total of six potential sessions. ASLA Oregon is seeking 90‐ minute sessions that explore this theme using a variety of formats: panel discussions, presentations, interactive dialogues. Multi‐disciplinary sessions are encouraged, but not required. 

Continuing education credits will be pursued. Session rooms will be equipped with projection equipment, and are set up lecture‐style. Presenters are provided complementary symposium registration. 

For questions, contact the Sessions Organizer, Melinda Graham, President‐Elect, Oregon ASLA at

Please use the following fillable session proposal form. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you! Session proposals are DUE 5:00 p.m. January 21, 2013 to

Download the 2013 Symposium Session Proposal Form PDF


ASLA Nationals 2013 Design Awards: Call for Entries
ASLA Nationals 2013 Design Awards: Winning Strategies
December 2012 Newswire - In case you missed it!
Faces of the Forest Feature: Robin Lee Gyorgyfalvy, FASLA
UO Professor Published
High Desert Section Report
ASLA Nationals Public Awareness Campaign
Take the Bike/Pedestrian Survey
New Job Posting! 
January 2013 ExCom Meeting Minutes


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Symposium Supporter: Walker Macy

January 17, 2013 Edit

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Kenneth Helphand Honored May 25

via Arica Duhrkoop-Galas, Willamette Valley Section Co-Chair

A special one-day symposium honoring Professor Kenneth Helphand on his retirement is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, at the Ford Alumni Center on the University of Oregon campus. “Landscape Thinking” will bring together a dozen top global scholars and practitioners of landscape architecture to enlighten, delight, and inspire students, professionals, faculty members, alumni, and friends.

Online registration, program schedule, and ticket purchases will be available after April 15 on the Landscape Architecture website. For more information, call (541) 346-3634 or email


Symposium Information and Details

October 23, 2012 Edit

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2012 Design Awards Winners

Visit the Design Awards Homepage for More Information


   Harborside Fountain Park - Bremerton, WA
   Walker Macy

   Merit Award
   General Design

   Simon and Helen Director Park - Portland, OR

   Merit Award
   General Design

   Hoke Residence - Portland, OR Studio

   Merit Award
   Residential Design

   Mirabella - Portland, OR

   Merit Award
   Residential Design

   Columbia Boulevard WWTP Support Facility - Portland, OR Studio

   Merit Award
   Un-Built Work 

   The Nancy Russell Overlook - Cape Horn, OR
   Walker Macy

   Honor Award
   General Design

   Martin Luther King Jr. Gateway and Heritage Markers - Portland, OR Studio

   Honor Award

   Bud Clark Commons - Portland, OR

   Award of Excellence
   General Design


   Community Design Project
   Deven Young
   Honorable Mention Award
   Student Work

March 30, 2012 Edit

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March 2012 Newswire


MARCH 2012


04.20 | ASLA Oregon North Park Block Design Charrette
04.20 | ASLA Oregon Emerging Professionals Social
04.21 | ASLA Oregon Enlightened Landscape[s] Symposium
04.26 | UO A&AA Career Symposium 
04.26 | Pine Nursery Design Charrette
04.26 | FLO's Birthday!
06.14 | ASLA Oregon EP 101 Series: Greenroof Tour + Roundtable - PDH Opportunity!


03.31 | Community Horticultural Therapy Program
04.04 | Community Trees Field Class
04.13 | BCSLA Annual Conference
05.02 | Living Future unConference 
05.03 | UFIS Soils and Urban Tree Conference
05.17 | Landscape Field Day
06.02 | Portland Memory Garden PDH Seminar
06.03 | Portland Memory Garden Open House

06.07 | Oregon Urban & Community Forestry Conference
08.05 | Transportation Research Board Meeting


Elevate your understanding of landscape by taking it to a higher level. ASLA Oregon invites you to expand your thinking over two days of inspired guest speakers, discussions and a design charrette. Join us for learning and networking opportunities, as well as the opportunity to earn valuable professional development hours (PDH’s).

download promotional mailer PDF

more information + registration - REGISTER BY 3/30 FOR EARLY BIRD RATES!

2012 sponsorship opportunities

become a 2012 supporting sponsor for just $100!

Your company name will be featured on the event program! 

ASLA Oregon Chapter is pleased to announce our
2012 Enlightened Landscape[s] Symposium Presenting Sponsor:

Buell Recreation, LLC specializes in providing a variety of commercial quality park and playground products to public and private organizations throughout the western United States. We pride ourselves in representing proven manufacturers with the highest standards of integrity, who develop safe, durable and innovative products.

Learn more about Buell Recreation

View 2012 ASLA Oregon Chapter Sponsorship Opportunities

View 2012 ASLA Oregon Chapter Sponsors Page


Launched in July of 2011, LANDbytes is ASLA Oregon Chapter's premier e-publication showcasing articles, briefs, reviews, spotlights and more! New this month:

Get Ready! Landscape Architecture Month is Coming!
By Rebecca Wahlstrom

Happy Birthday, FLO!
By Rebecca Wahlstrom


April is Landscape Architecture Month!
NLAM, 04.26, and YOU
Executive Committee Call for Volunteers
Communications Committee Call for Volunteers
Summer Internships
New Landscape Architecture Flyers!
ASLA Notes and Numbers Facts and Figures PDF


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March 29, 2012 Edit

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Happy Birthday, FLO!

ASLA Oregon LANDbytes MARCH 2012 Feature:

Happy Birthday, FLO!
By Rebecca Wahlstrom

What are you doing on April 26? Join the coast to coast party, celebrating the 190th birthday of Mr. Frederick Law Olmsted with all your fellow ASLA members! April 26 is a day to remember and celebrate the man who first brought to the forefront many of the ideas that we practice today in Landscape Architecture. So gather some friends, blow out some birthday candles for Mr. Olmsted, and make a wish for the continuation of great designs that stand the test of time. 

Check out more fun ways to celebrate Landscape Architecture month at

Visit ASLA Oregon's NLAM Webpage!

March 29, 2012 Edit

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National Landscape Architecture Month!

ASLA Oregon LANDbytes MARCH 2012 Feature:

Get Ready! National Landscape Architecture Month is Coming!
By Rebecca Wahlstrom

April has been set aside by the ASLA as a month when activities happen nationwide to celebrate and promote the profession of landscape architecture. The focus of this month’s activities is “Public Health and Active Living 2012”, showing how we are addressing the major problems of obesity and chronic health problems due to lack of exercise by designing healthy community structures. This topic is a great fit for our active state – what a perfect chance to show people how we promote healthy lifestyles. Are there playgrounds or trail systems where you can show people how landscape architecture has been part of its creation? How about plaza’s where farmers markets happen or places where people wait to catch the MAX or bus? Can you get out there and let people know who designed that space? Now is the time to celebrate all you have done and promote the future of landscape architecture.

You might be asking, “what can I do?” Glad you asked! ASLA has put forward a whole webpage of ideas for activities along with detailed instructions and tips (and has a picture of Portland’s Mt. Tabor Middle School rain garden design). The below is just a sampling of what the website provides on the ‘Career Discovery Activities’ page.  Boy Scout troops can learn about plants and earn a badge during your time with them; Connect with middle and high-school students and design a rain garden or reading garden; Are you a native plant expert? Visit your local high school and show them how essential native plants are to our landscape.

One doesn’t need to be hampered by this list – create your own activity that will appeal to you and the audience you wish to reach. Back on 8.17.11, the first roll-out of the Understory, the Bend folks led a design charrette, people in Springfield did a workplace information blast to enlighten their co-workers on what their department had accomplished, and Portland canvassed downtown parks. What will Oregon do this time to celebrate landscape architecture? I believe our fit and active state is primed and ready to show off all that we have done to promote physical activity and public health to the general public and to the nation. Be creative – have fun – and be sure to let people know about landscape architecture in April!

Visit ASLA Oregon's NLAM Webpage!

March 17, 2012 Edit

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April is National Landscape Architecture Month!

National Landscape Architecture Month 2012 (NLAM) Quick Links:







APRIL 2012 National, State and Local Activities:





04.26.12 AND YOU



Questions? Interested in getting involved with NLAM?
Contact ASLA Oregon Communications Chair
Christopher Olin for more information!

via ASLA Nationals

A Whole New National Landscape Architecture Month:
Public Health & Active Living 2012

Now is the time. Childhood obesity surges to epidemic proportions, healthcare costs push even higher and divisive politics provide no solutions. Meanwhile an interdisciplinary profession continues to rise offering solutions to these stark problems:

  • Two out of every three American adults twenty years or older are overweight or obese (Flegal, 2010).

  • Since 2000, antidepressants have become the most prescribed medication in the United States (Olfson and Marcus, 2009).

  • In 2007, 16 percent of the United State’s gross domestic product – $2.3 trillion – was spent on health care (Orszag and Ellis, 2007).

Landscape architects will join across the country during the month of April to educate the public as to how their profession is well poised to address these troubling issues.They’ll hold public events showcasing just what can be done through hands on work with the public, speaking engagements and design charrettes. For an idea, check out this slideshow of 2011’s events.

With the theme of Public Health and Landscape Architecture, National Landscape Architecture Month 2012 welcomes these new and necessary discussions about the profession. Besides all the same great activities from years past, National Landscape Architecture Month joins in the public awareness campaign. On 04.26.12, the profession will publically celebrate Frederick Olmsted's birthday, considered the founder of modern landscape architecture, by once again taking to the streets from coast to coast telling people why landscape architecture matters just as they did on 08.17.11. Since 08.17.11 was just the beginning, expect more this time around. The call to celebrate his birthday could not be more in line with the theme as Frederick Law Olmsted and the Campaign for Public Health points out, Olmsted’s roots in landscape architecture first started with his dedication to public health.

The prevalence of low-density, automobile-dependent communities has resulted in unsustainable lifestyles that increasingly threaten human health and well-being. In addition to inflating housing and transportation costs and increasing carbon emissions, disconnected communities reliant on cars create sedentary lifestyles. The lack of access to environments that encourage daily exercise, provide clean air and water and offer affordable services and nutritious food has meant growing epidemics of depression, obesity, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease.

Working with landscape architects, communities can promote human health and well-being by encouraging the development of environments that offer rich social, economic, and environmental benefits. Healthy, livable communities improve the welfare and well-being of people by expanding the range of affordable transportation, employment, and housing choices through "Live, Work, Play" developments; incorporating physical activity into components of daily life; preserving and enhancing valuable natural resources; providing access to affordable, nutritious, and locally produced foods distributed for less cost; and creating a unique sense of community and place.

Landscape architects help communities maximize opportunities for daily exercise like walking and biking. Landscape architects encourage communities to move towards compact, transit-oriented land-uses by designing Complete Streets and other transportation networks that connect mixed-use developments, neighborhood schools, and a range of affordable housing choices. They assist communities in developing healthy green buildings and open spaces that promote efficient water and energy use and provide substantial amounts of vegetation to clean air and cool temperatures. In doing so, these communities can avoid the expensive health epidemics associated with automobile dependence, sedentary lifestyles, along with the high costs to the environment brought by dysfunctional patterns of living.


With health epidemics associated with sprawl on the rise, there is growing demand for communities that get people moving and reduce the onslaught of depression, obesity, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Communities can also be designed to reduce traffic fatalities and crime rates. When communities take these issues seriously, they become people-friendly places that promote healthy living and feel safe and secure.

A recent study from the Victoria Transport Policy Institute demonstrates that people who "drive less, exercise more, and live longer, are generally healthier than residents of communities without high-quality public transportation." Lansdcape architects design multi-modal sustainable transportation infrastructure such as public transit, which force people to walk and climb stairs, and well-lit, tree-lined streets with sidewalks and bike lanes, which enable safe and convenient physical activity. These systems provide healthy alternatives to automobile transportation. In addition, landscape architects create parks, green streets, and even green roofs, which encourage physical activity by making outdoor spaces more attractive, cooler, with cleaner air.

Communities can also invest in healthy green schools built along new and improved transportation infrastructure and connected to neighborhoods via sidewalks, bike trails, transit service, and roadways that provide safe routes to school. Landscape architects design green school campuses with indoor and outdoor learning environments, which are also available for community activities.

In addition, landscape architects work with communities to create urban agriculture projects that provide access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food that is locally produced and distributed. These initiatives make productive use of vacant lots and derelict spaces, transforming them into safe environments for youth education and community interaction. They can provide resources for green hospitals where studies have shown that organic food gardens help patients recover faster.

See the full article at

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Elevate your understanding of landscape by taking it to a higher level. ASLA Oregon invites you to expand your thinking over two days of inspired guest speakers, discussions and a design charrette. Join us for learning and networking opportunities, as well as the opportunity to earn valuable professional development hours (PDH’s).

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more information + registration

2012 sponsorship opportunities

2012 supporting sponsor - only $100!

Your company name will be featured on the event program! 

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ASLA Announces Slate of National Candidates

via LAND e-news from ASLA

Three 2013–2014 vice presidential offices and the office of 2013 president-elect in play.

The following members will comprise the 2012 slate of candidates for the ASLA offices of president-elect; vice president, finance; vice president, membership; and vice president, professional practice. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order by office.

LAND will provide complete election coverage in the coming months, beginning with the publication of the candidates’ election statements in early March. The candidates for president-elect will also be participating in the LAND president-elect candidate forum in April and May, and the text of their speeches to the Board of Trustees and Chapter Presidents Council in mid-May will also appear in LAND.

The vice presidential election will be held during the Board of Trustees midyear meeting on May 11-12, 2012. Voting in the general election for president-elect by the professional membership will open on Monday, May 14, and close at midnight PDT on Wednesday, June 13. The Tellers Committee will convene on Friday, June 22, to review and verify the election results.

The candidates are:

2013 President-Elect
Mark Allen Focht, FASLA
Vaughn B. Rinner, ASLA

2013-2014 VP Finance
David L. Lycke, FASLA
Richard H. Powell, ASLA

2013-2014 VP Membership
Shawn T. Kelly, FASLA
Steven N. Rodie, ASLA

2013-2014 VP Professional Practice
Hunter L. Beckham, ASLA
Annette P. Wilkus, ASLA

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Design Awards DJC Oregon Feature

The ASLA Oregon 2011 Design Awards Winners have been featured in the A&E Section of the Oregon DJC!

Click Here for the full story

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Get Press for Your Residential Projects

via LAND e-news from ASLA:

Looking to get some press for your work? Here are two media opportunities for residential landscape architecture projects. See the following emails below for details.

The following request is from Great Backyards and Backyard Solutions magazines:

Hello. I'm starting work again on the annual issues of Great Backyards and Backyard Solutions magazines, which are distributed nationally and published in New York. I'm therefore looking again for great RESIDIENTIAL gardens that are colorful--though some may also be all-green gardens and that's fine, aesthetically attractive and have a wonderful story to tell--perhaps, the challenge of a steep slope or a difficult climate, or simply an underused front yard that crying out for more texture, varied heights, lighting, paving and maybe even edibles. Who knows! We tend to group our gardens in sections of small yards, big yards, front yards, back yards, water features, challenges, surprises. Some gardens may have multiple rooms and fit multiple categories, which is fine, too! Any and all ideas are welcomed.

Please send me your submissions on a disk by snail mail with 300 dpi high res color photos in 8" by 10" format so they're large enough to print. It's fine if they were previously used elsewhere, but you must own the rights to the photos or have permission to use them. This publisher doesn't pay for photos but does provide an on-page credit and copies of the issues. I do all the interviewing and writing so there's lots of good "publicity" and once published you can use the articles on any Web sites.

If you have questions please email me at or call me at 314 692 9881. Again, I prefer disks and submissions by mail to me at the following address, but if that's impossible let's talk and we'll find a way.

My address is:
Barbara Ballinger
25 Sutton Place South, APT 6E
NYC, NY 10022
314 692 9881

The following request is from the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association:

We are preparing for a large round of outreach and are always looking for new experts to quote and work with on seasonal trends. We are currently looking to focus our outreach in Seattle, Portland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Minneapolis, Chicago and Houston areas, as well as a green focus. Typically all that we would ask is that if one of your members is working on a project that uses Western Red Cedar, we would be able to conduct some outreach to media promoting the project and then mention Western Red Cedar as a sustainable, durable and beautiful product to work with. We would also hope to use some of your experts names and expertise in some of our media outreach – potentially including a quotes about a seasonal trend we are pitching, and/or photos of their work that feature Western Red Cedar. We have also donated product to use on projects for rights to then promote the project as well.

To give you an idea of some of our previous work, we recently worked with Mike McDonald and Scott Lee at San Francisco-based SB Architects to conduct outreach on behalf of the first LEED Platinum home in Marin County, Hillside House, and secured coverage in top-tier media such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Architectural Record and San Francisco Chronicle, to name a few.

Please email Jim Lapides ( with project information for consideration.

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08.17.11 Nationals Report

Here's a first take at what happened on 08.17.11 and it's pretty amazing so far. Anecdotally we've heard that, at some of the events, many participants were non-member landscape architects. It also went international!


 First, by the numbers:

 At least 170 events nationwide, and chances are there are more that aren't on the map:

 The Campaign Google Map itself received 40,000 views.

Created and distributed 25,000+ pieces of collateral material to chapters across the country, including 120 campaign t-shirts sold online.

 At least 60 news stories, including more than 16 TV spots, plus more stories to come. MNASLA received saturation coverage, with stories on every TV station plus a front page story in the main daily newspaper.

 2,700-plus page views for the new website in less than 48 hours.

 More than 2,800 video views of campaign-related videos in the past week (Landscape architects hit the street, Street landscape architecture, Dramatic chalk)

 Approximately 100 "rewteets" of ASLA's information on Twitter to thousands of others, plus at least 200 other tweets about 08.17.11 in the past week.

 Dozens of posts on the campaign Facebook page, which now has 2,100 fans. More metrics on Facebook will be available later in the week.


Early Testimonials – Campaign:
Twitter: Yes and love ASLA's campaign to promote profession - time for the same in the UK @Thirlwall_Assoc @landarchitects!/MooreEnv/status/104176395793612800


Facebook: Lets do this! Just posted on NGA's website

Facebook: We are so participating in 8-17-11. What an amzing idea.

 Email: Great idea. This is so needed. I will do my part as a public employee to spread the word.

 TwitterI would consider today a success for @WV_ASLA and @landarchitects as a whole! #landarch #design #theunderstory!/rddinsmore/status/103880109131436032


Joe Clancy: Found out about this too late, would have loved to had organized something with a couple friends!
The Understory:  It's not too late to find some chalk and a street corner!
Joe Clancy: You know what your right, i'm gonna tag my town square, i'll post a photo tomorrow.

 Twitter: Awesome! We are loving the photos and updates! RT @ASLAMN And even an accordion player! #Understory #landarch #design!/NV_ASLA/status/103884788775141376

 Twitter: Ran into Chad from O'Dell Engineering educating folks on Landscape Architecture. To learn more go to!/modparksandrec/status/103917278818611200


Early Testimonials -- Web

 Email: By the way, fantastic work on the "Your Environment. Designed" initiative, great site, and, the google map and videos were awesome.

 Email: I do believe it was during my 2nd year at Poly that I loudly expressed my disdain towards the graphical presence of the ASLA.  To them I say: "Touche," and "finally" and mostly: "well-done."

 Twitter: Fun graphic way from ASLA to speak about landscape architecture...!/CSLA_AAPC/status/103577680322113536

 Email: BEST WEBSITE EVER!!! Creative and engaging, capturing the essence of landscape architecture! Well done!!!

Can't wait to hand out the business cards to spread the word!

Email: Outrageous!!!...WELL DONE!!!...ask for a raise…

 Twitter: If you've ever wondered what I do, check this out @landarchitects Landscape Architecture. Your Environment. Designed.!/vinceclortho/status/103568137278062592



Here's an initial look at media. A pretty full list is below, but here are a few select highlights first.

 This ran four times in NYC:

 Minnesota TV:

Fargo TV:

 Michigan TV:

 Rapid City TV:

 Additional TV, from media monitoring:

 A few other story highlights:,0,6211081.story


Rest of Media Below:

Minnesota: (video not currently working) (video currently not working)



Hartford Courant,0,6211081.story

 Lansing State Journal:

 Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

 Minneapolis Post:

 Press Democrat (AP):


 The Sun News (Myrtle Beach):

Memphis Commercial Appeal:

 Los Angeles:

 Atlanta Journal Constitution:

 Great Greater Washington:

 Sacramento Press:

 Washington City Paper:

Capital City Weekly (Juneau)

 Minnesota Public Radio:

 Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce:

 Inform (Fargo):

 Savannah Now:


 Baltimore Real Estate:

 City of Coeur D'Alane Blog:

 Hartford Business:

 Erosion Control:

 Landmark West (Blog, NYC):



 Nancy C. Somerville, Hon. ASLA
Executive Vice President/CEO

American Society of Landscape Architects

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Landscape Architecture. Your Environment. Designed.

What if, for just one day, we all decided to let everyone know what the heck landscape architects do. That we create the very places used to live, work and play. That we connect cities. That we create experience. That landscape architecture is your environment, designed.

08.17.11 is that day. It’s the day the profession reintroduces itself to public. It’s the day where, for only your time spent during lunch, you’ll join the beginning of a new movement – a movement to get out and tell your story to the world.

It’s not too late to get involved. Here’s how:

Use this map to find out what’s happening near you or contact the closest landscape architect representative for further info.

Create your own lunchtime activity. Watch this video to get an idea. Use chalk to mark “Designed by a Landscape Architect” on your favorite landscape architecture project and hand out these campaign materials. This is also a great opportunity to promote your own projects. Email to add your activity to the map or for more event ideas.

Post pictures and videos from your event on Twitter, using the hashtags #landarch and #design. On Facebook, share your activities at the campaign page

Be there for the beginning. Take one hour to speak with one voice on one day for one profession, ours. Make 08.17.11 a landscape architecture day.

Portland Landscape Architects will meet in downtown Portland at Pioneer Courthouse Square and Director Park from 12-1pm on August 17th to talk to the public about landscape architecture. These two parks are some of the most used and beloved examples of landscape architecture in Portland. Our goal is for more people to understand what the field of landscape architecture is.

Landscape Architects are licensed professionals who design the places where we live, work, and play. We connect cities. We create experience. We design, protect, and preserve your environment. Landscape architecture is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates natural sciences, horticulture, architectural design, engineering, transportation and circulation design, historic preservation, and environmental education. We manage the relationship between the built and natural environment. Landscape architects design parks, urban plazas, roads, restored natural areas, zoos, shopping centers, stormwater runoff facilities, green roofs, and more.

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Call for Volunteers - FREE T-SHIRT!

ASLA Oregon needs your help!

Do you have one hour to volunteer for your profession?

The world needs to know about Landscape Architecture, and 08.17.11 is the day it all begins.

Check out this Google Map of 08.17.11 Events nationwide!

What if, for just one day, we all decided to let everyone know what the heck landscape architects do. That we create the very places used to live, work, and play. That we connect cities. That we create experience. That Landscape Architecture is your environment, designed.

08.17.11 is that day. It’s the day the profession reintroduces itself to public. It’s the day where, for only your time spent during lunch, you’ll join the beginning of a new nationwide movement – a movement to step out of the Understory and tell your story to the world.

In Portland, landscape architects will be at Pioneer Courthouse Square from 12-1pm on August 17th to spread the word. Please join us - you'll get a free t-shirt and the satisfaction of helping build your profession.

Interested? Email for more information about the Portland event, and check out The Understory on Facebook for general information.

Volunteer Now!



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What's all this about 08.17.11?

The world needs to know about landscape architecture, and 08.17.11 is the day it all begins.

What if, for just one day, we all decided to let everyone know what the heck landscape architects do. That we create the very places used to live, work and play. That we connect cities. That we create experience. That landscape architecture is your environment, designed.

08.17.11 is that day. It’s the day the profession reintroduces itself to public. It’s the day where, for only your time spent during lunch, you’ll join the beginning of a new movement – a movement to step out of the Understory and tell your story to the world.

Details will arrive soon. But until then, share the movement with friends, coworkers and classmates. The public awaits.

Check out 08.17.11 on Facebook!

Check out a map of nationwide 08.17.11 Events!

Get your "Landscape Architecture: Your Environment. Designed." T-Shirt!

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Designing for Sustainability in a Growing Environment

via Robin Gyorgyfalvy, ASLA

A ribbon-cutting event that took place on June 28, 2011 at the newly-minted Kansas Avenue Learning Garden was one of many steps being taken to make sustainability a part of daily life in central Oregon. Exactly one year ago, a design charrette led by ASLA High Desert Chapter’s Chelsea Schneider and Brian Caldwell, set out to transform a contaminated vacant lot that was formerly an old drycleaning site into a vibrant and interactive living classroom and learning garden. This challenging site is adjacent to The Environmental Center and within walking distance to the Boys & Girls Club and Amity Creek Elementary School. This unique project for teaching sustainability in an outdoor classroom was made possible through a partnership that was created between an environmental center, educators, and local landscape architects.

The main concept for the Learning Garden is to create a place where children can witness the growth of the seeds they plant and learn how gardens require care, hard work, and patience. Contact with the outdoors and making discoveries with weekly observations is a hands-on way to learn more about how communities and the environment can be sustained through growing your own food. Denise Rowcroft, sustainability educator for The Environmental Center says “It’s important that kids participate in building the garden so that they feel like they have ownership of it. We’re trying to get them involved in all aspects of the garden, from building fences, to showing them where food comes from – to teaching them about the health of the environment.”

The design charrette began with understanding the constraints of the site, its history, and ownership. Amber Hudspeth, an environmental professional explained the pollutants and a decision was made to cap contaminants on site and to build up the garden beds. Educators were an integral part of the charrette describing what elements and features were needed to form a learning landscape to best teach in an outdoor setting. The Environmental Center needed to have this place convey its mission to “embed sustainability into daily life in central Oregon.” A wish list was composed for what would be desirable on the site, opportunities were discussed for the outdoor rooms and the different amenities in each room, and priorities were determined for phasing.

Chelsea Schneider, ASLA of WH Pacific in Bend developed conceptual images for the group to develop further. Chelsea says “With a personal interest in environmental education, it is really important for me to see that learning landscapes become a reality through a community process such as this one.” The results are stunning with volunteers providing their energy and talent, their labor, donations, and materials for construction and planting. Incredible highlights of this project are the garden art mural paintings created by the Boys & Girls Club that decorate garden boxes lining the neighborhood street and the growing plants that were started as seedlings in the Amity Elementary School classrooms. These “pick me beds” are free for the community to harvest, a great way to encourage community interaction and involvement in central Oregon at the Kansas Avenue Learning Garden located at 16 NW Kansas Avenue in Bend, Oregon.

Pictured: Chelsea Schneider, ASLA and the Garden Box Mural Paintings

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Calling all Authors, Columnists, Photojournalists, Bloggers, Reporters and Critics!

  • Have you been searching for a medium to showcase a thought, idea or fresh approach?
  • Are you interested in providing a Member Spotlight or a review of that new book on your shelf?
  • Perhaps you're a guru of current trends in the profession?
  • Do you have an analog or digital technique, tutorial or secret you're willing to share with your peers?
  • Are you a student or emerging professional looking for an opportunity to get involved with your local chapter?

The ASLA Oregon Chapter Communications Committee is spearheading an effort to revisit, revamp and bring back to life the publication ORegon land, an award-winning publication that has established the Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects as a leading chapter within the society! Until further funding is secured, upcoming efforts will take the form of columns, briefs, reviews and photojournalism features in upcoming Newswires, published on a monthly basis.

Act now on this exciting opportunity to contribute and circulate your creative inklings through our community of like-minded design professionals including landscape architects, architects, students and faculty members, political leaders, ASLA state chapter presidents, and other individuals related to the profession.   

Contact Communications Chair Christopher Olin for more information.

Stay tuned and look for our launch in the July Newswire!

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DJC Landscape Architecture A-List

The DJC is running a Landscape Architecture A-List within the newspaper on June 15th.
Showcase your firm within a strategic placement!

Download DJC's A-List Ad Rates Flyer PDF

Contact for more information

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Japanese Garden Curator to Review Garden’s Past and Future

From the East County Gazette:  The Master Gardener program will be held on November 8, at Milwaukie Center, 5440 S.E. Kellogg Creek Drive, Milwaukie, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., presenting Sada Uchiyama’s review of Portland’s Japanese Garden. The meeting is free and open to the public.

Sadafumi (Sada) Uchiyama, the Garden Curator of the Portland Japanese Garden, is a third-generation Japanese gardener. Sada received Bachelor and Master in landscape architecture from University of Illinois and he is a registered landscape architect in Oregon and California. Two of his representative projects include the renovation of Osaka Garden (the Japanese Government exhibition site at the 1893 Columbia Exposition) at Jackson Park in Chicago and the renovation of Shofu-en Garden at Denver Botanic Gardens. Prior to becoming the Garden’s Curator, Sada taught landscape design courses at Clackamas Community College.

:: image by Michel Hersen

Presentation Synopsis

Portland Japanese Garden has offered a personal encounter with Japanese culture and a tranquil experience that celebrates the natural beauty of Oregon for more than 45 years. The stewards of this cultural treasure continue today to strive for the same standard of perfection sought by garden designers in Japan for more than 1500 years. Nobuo Matsunaga, the Japanese Ambassador to the United States, proclaimed the Portland Japanese Garden to be “the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside Japan.” Through the eye of the Garden Curator, Sada’s presentation will review the past and current and look into the future of the Portland Japanese Garden.

For more information, call (503) 653-8100.

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Systems, Not Icons

An article in Architect magazine 'Systems, Not Icons' discusses the expanding relevance of the profession of landscape architecture.  Featuring national firms such as James Corner Field Operations, AECOM, and West 8 - the article also discusses the new trend of 'landscape urbanism' in action. 

An excerpt from the article:

Not long ago, landscape architects were often dismissed as the consultants who put finishing touches on a building site—the broccoli around a steak. But with landscape architects increasingly taking lead positions on large-scale projects, winning urban design competitions around the world, and expanding the design market share, broccoli, clearly, is a thing of the past.  read more...

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Courthouse Garden Grows Food & Community

With hands-on learning, the food grown will be distributed to local non-profit social service groups and allows transitioning opportunities for those in the criminal justice system EUGENE, Ore. -- (August 3, 2010) –A two-acre abandoned lot adjacent to the U.S. Federal Courthouse is being transformed into an urban oasis of fresh vegetables, fruits and all kinds of native plant life. Presiding U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken’s dream project of creating an urban garden that services community non-profits has come to life, thanks a special partnership with the UO’s Department of Landscape Architecture and its energetic students and faculty members. The empty lot is also being cared for by individuals from the criminal justice system; giving them the reentry skills needed to transition back into the community. The university’s Courthouse Garden program will teach students how to hone their gardening skills as well as how to develop an urban garden. Students began work during the winter season and are now in full gear with summer crops and activity, thanks to a summer class now underway. Lorri Nelson, adjunct instructor, has big plans for the urban garden. This summer, she is teaching students the logistics of starting up an urban garden with a strong social services mission. “I think it’s a really enlightening program,” says Nelson. “It’s more than just learning about gardening. It’s a hands-on course about the social issues of having an edible garden in the city. Besides helping to grow food for those who need it most, it’s a social integration opportunity for people within the criminal justice system.” Probation officer, Jed Davis, agrees. “The garden started a vacant lot of dirt and gravel. It has given our clients, who are transitioning back into society, important job skills, healthy food, as well as helping them learn to communicate with others. By working together, we are teaching skills and boosting self worth and self sufficiency, and in the long run, preventing crime,” says Davis. Nelson said the summer course will teach students all about the logistics of gardening sustainably, whether it be teaching irrigation methods or planting new vegetable beds. Students and those from the in-transition program won’t be working side by side during class hours but there will be opportunities to work outside of class to service the garden. And although the garden is temporary —the City of Eugene has leased the site to the University of Oregon for three years—Nelson is optimistic that long-term benefits will soon ensue. “It’s just a really inspiring idea,” says Nelson. “This class is a larger vision and helps to promote accessibility to sustainability, and cuts through any economic or racial divide. Everyone in the garden is on the same level, hoping to achieve the same goals. I’m hoping this project leads to more like it in the future.” Judge Aiken’s deep involvement with the Relief Nursery (a nationally acclaimed model for preventing child abuse and preserving families) was the inspiration for this Courthouse Garden. She wanted to provide a reentry program for convicted persons and connect the garden’s produce to community service endeavors after seeing the positive results with the Relief Nursery garden. “The knowledge base of Ann Bettman and Lorrie Nelson has been essential,” says Jed Davis. “We could not have done it without them. The passion and enthusiasm of the students has been mind blowing. The students came in to help our clients and shared ideas that went beyond gardening and how to help the community.” Ann Bettman, who had taught the landscape architecture Urban Farm course for over thirty years, was asked to help develop the project and soon after, Nelson agreed to teach the summer Courthouse Garden course. Bettman is an assistant adjunct professor of landscape architecture at UO and the retired director of the Urban Farm. “It’s all kind of happening so fast,” Nelson said. “It’s incredible how much community support we’ve received. EWEB installed our irrigation system, University of Oregon students have logged countless volunteer hours, Fall Creek Nursery just donated blueberry plants and so many other community members are offering their goods and services. It’s really reaching out beyond the university level.” The Courthouse Garden construction began on February 10, 2010. The urban garden class began June 21 and will conclude on August 13. Community residents also have the opportunity to work side by side with the students and reentry program participants on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the garden site adjacent to the U.S. federal courthouse, 405 E. 8th Avenue. Tools are provided. View the video made by Tzum Productions at [youtube=] About the University of Oregon The University of Oregon is a world-class teaching and research institution and Oregon's flagship public university. The UO is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), an organization made up of the 63 leading public and private research institutions in the United States and Canada. The University of Oregon is one of only two AAU members in the Pacific Northwest. Contact: Karen Johnson, AAA External Relations and Communications, (541) 346-3603, Source: Lorri Nelson, landscape architecture adjunct instructor, 541-345-5552, Jed Davis, probation officer, U.S. Federal Courthouse, 541-431-4060, Links: Story by Emily Wilson and Karen Johnson. Video by Nancy Webber, Tzum Productions, ###
June 2, 2010 Edit

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University of Oregon selects Salem as Sustainable Cities partner for 2010-11

City and UO faculty and students will work collaboratively in year-long effort EUGENE, Ore. -- (May 25, 2010) – The University of Oregon’s Sustainable Cities Initiative program has selected Salem as its focus city for the 2010-11 academic year. Following a successful inaugural year in Gresham, Ore., UO faculty and students will work collaboratively with Salem, Oregon’s capital city, to tackle important development, planning and civic engagement issues. "We are honored that the University of Oregon selected Salem to participate in this unique program that matches professors and students in a number of disciplines with real-world community projects,” said Salem City Manager Linda Norris. “The City's participation in the program allows us to address several City Council goals and leverage existing limited resources to move projects forward much faster than would otherwise be possible. As a result of this work, we will have well-researched designs and plans to present to the community and the City Council.  We think this program is a great model for encouraging additional future collaboration between Oregon universities and Oregon cities.” More than 25 courses, 25 faculty members and approximately 600 students will focus on Salem projects during the 2010-11 academic year. The UO anticipates selecting one city each year to be the focus of sustainable design and planning courses as part of its Sustainable Cities Initiative. The Salem City Council, Salem Housing Authority Commission and Salem’s Urban Renewal Agency Board approved participation in the program on May 24. “The Sustainable Cities Initiative is an ambitious interdisciplinary undertaking, “said Frances Bronet, dean of the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts. “It is unique in its approach to focus on a single city and bring collective expertise and strengths of faculty and students from multiple areas of campus together. The common goal of making a place better through collaboration embodies how higher education institutions contribute and serve the public interest.” Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) is shaping the future academic priorities at the UO as a result of a campus-wide discussion and selection process. Started at the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts, SCI now extends across disciplines into other schools and colleges on campus. The goal is to promote research, education, service and public outreach related to the development of sustainable cities. The 2009-2010 academic year partner was the city of Gresham, where nearly 100,000 hours of student work was applied to projects throughout the city. Starting with only six courses, the SCI course listing expanded to 21 by the end of the school year, across five academic departments. The completed work will contribute to future planning for Gresham. To select the 2010-2011 city, SCI co-directors Nico Larco, Marc Schlossberg and Robert Young invited Oregon cities with more than 15,000 residents to apply and submit project proposals. Proposals were submitted by five cities: Beaverton, Eugene, Klamath Falls, Salem and Springfield. Salem was selected as the top finalist by a review committee of university faculty. Salem is the center of a strong agricultural sector; home to sustainable industries like SANYO Solar of Oregon, Kettle Foods, Sequential Bio Fuels, AgriPlas and Truitt Brothers; stable government employment as the state and county seat; large private employers including Garmin Industries, Salem Hospital and the recently announced Home Depot Rapid Deployment Center. Local educational institutions — including Chemeketa Community College Center for Business and Industry, Willamette University and Western Oregon University — provide undergraduate and graduate programs and workforce training, and contribute to cultural events and art that enrich the community. Salem's vibrant, historic downtown has several parks within walking distance, and a wide array of restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions. Salem projects will apply study from architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, arts and administration, planning, public policy and management, law, business management and journalism. Projects were selected because they accelerate positive direction for Salem, fit within curriculum, and will result in fully researched and designed options for the City Council to move Salem forward at the right time. Projects will include:
  • A critical look at areas immediately adjacent to Salem’s vibrant downtown, to result in development and redevelopment scenarios to make better use of the Riverfront;
  • New police facility planning and civic center redesign scenarios to improve public service, utilizing the existing building;
  • A civic engagement strategy to expand communication, representation and participation in decision making with use of new technology and other materials;
  • A plan to connect Salem’s downtown parks with urban trails and bike routes;
  • A restoration plan for natural areas at the large Minto-Brown Island urban park;
  • A development plan for the Salem Housing Authority Orchard Village site;
  • Market analysis to include supply chain and business cluster studies.
Courses will begin Fall 2010. For more information, visit About the University of Oregon The University of Oregon is a world-class teaching and research institution and Oregon's flagship public university. The UO is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), an organization made up of the 63 leading public and private research institutions in the United States and Canada. The University of Oregon is one of only two AAU members in the Pacific Northwest. Contacts: Julie Brown, UO media relations, 541-346-3185,; Nicole Wahlberg, City of Salem Urban Development public information, 503-588-6178, ext. 7552, Links: UO Sustainable Cities Initiative,; City of Salem, ###