Design Awards Submission Instructions


Submissions are due no later than Friday, October 16th at 4:00pm.

Mail or deliver submittals to:
ASLA Oregon Chapter / attn: Deven Young
711 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214

The following shall be included with each entry:

entry information sheet

Submit an 8.5” x 11” information sheet containing the name of the entrant, category title the project is being submitted for, project name, Landscape Architect, client, all other consultants, and contractor. All consultants and team members involved in the project must be identified. Include contact information for the individual responsible for the submittal, i.e., mailing address, email address, phone and fax numbers.

entry fee

ASLA Member $150.00 / project Non-ASLA Member $250.00 / project ASLA Student Member $15.00 / project Non-ASLA Student $30.00 / project Additional entries may be submitted at a $50 discount Make check payable to ASLA Oregon

presentation board

Presentation boards will not be shown to the jury. The presentation board shall be one 24” vertical by 36” horizontal board. Boards should be maximum of 1/4” thick, durable material as backing (such as foamcore or gatorboard) and include the landscape architect, designer or firm name identified in a 3”x3” square area in the lower right corner. Photographs, color media, multimedia and brief text are acceptable. The presentation boards will be displayed at the Design Awards Soiree and be used to judge the People’s Choice Award at the evening’s event. The boards will be also displayed as part of a travelling exhibition throughout Oregon.

juror’s information packet

The text portion of the Juror’s Packet shall be a maximum of two double-sided sheets including cover sheet, project description and image narrative. Digital images may be printed one per page and included in the Juror’s Packet. Text should be a minimum of 10 pt Arial. Provide one (1) set of printed material. NO ENTRANT INFORMATION SHALL APPEAR ON ANY OF THE JUROR’S INFORMATION. Submissions shall be in 8.5” x 11” format, three-hole punched and stapled in the upper left corner. Color photocopies / digital prints are acceptable.

Juror’s information packet shall include:

• Cover Sheet
The cover sheet should contain the name of the project and category title only.

• Project Narrative
A concise description of the project, including the role of the landscape architect, and/or other designers. Please describe the project’s scope, size, intent, design challenges, materials and installation methods used, plantings, community context, environmental impact and concerns, collaboration process among the owner and designer(s) and other design issues, as appropriate. If the project is a redesign or restoration, a description of the existing vs. the design improvements should be included. If the entrant(s) has only been involved in and is submitting for a single portion or phase of a multiple phase project, this must be stated. Award submittals must be strictly limited to work that has been directly influenced by the entrant(s). False representation of project scope or involvement will be grounds for disqualification.

• Images
Overall plan graphic (if applicable), and other graphics, plans, or supporting images, etc. depicted as digital images, up to a maximum of ten.

• Narrative Description of Images
Maximum of 10 with numeric key to each jpeg.


Submit a CD-ROM containing the Entry Information Sheet, Presentation Board, and Juror’s Information Packet. Text files shall be submitted in MS Word format. Images should be stored in JPEG format with dimensions of 2000 pixels x 1500 pixels, at a minimum of 150 pixels per inch (ppi). Images shall contain no text. Presentation Boards shall be submitted as PDF at a minimum of 150ppi. Also submit the Juror’s Information Packet as one consolidated PDF file containing both text and images. Winning entries will be featured on the ASLA Oregon homepage – one of the images (10 max) provided shall also be cropped and provided at a dimension of 340 pixels x 340 pixels at 300ppi for web use. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure proper functionality of the CD ROM. Please write the name of the project directly on the CD. By entering this competition you are granting permission to the ASLA Oregon Chapter to reproduce the submitted images. Entrants are responsible for clearing photographs with photographers for publication and reproduction by ASLA.